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Our Process

Foresight Communications Group is an alliance of seasoned and talented communications professionals with a passion for helping clients increase marketplace awareness, engage stakeholder audiences and solve public relations challenges.

Building the Foundation

Hear — Listen to with care or attention; gain knowledge; learn.

Good communications starts with listening. At Foresight Communications Group, we have big ears for our clients. We begin an engagement by listening to what clients have to say — about their company's products and services; strengths, opportunities and threats; as well as, short-term goals and vision for the future. But we don't stop there.

It is also important for us to understand our clients' customers and prospects — to identify pain-points and assess their needs. Industry experts, the media and even potential investors in your business may be included in our early discussions as we gain a better grasp on your needs. Relevant market research also may make sense, if budget and time allow.

Framing Our Reference Points

Think — to reflect on, ponder, reason, imagine.

Here's where we put our right-brains to work and get creative. Connecting the dots at this stage puts our deep experience and broad skill sets to the test. As we cull through the data we've gathered and brainstorm approaches and ideas, we are focused on communications solutions that will get you where you want to be. Here, we identify key strategies, tactics and experts who are best suited for your team.

Choosing our course of action

See — to perceive, visualize and discern; to conclude through observation and experience; watchful careful scanning of the distant or the difficult to view.

Putting all the pieces together, we synthesize what we have learned to customize a communications plan just for you. As components are chosen, once again we check them against your objectives, and ask ourselves, "Will this strategy effectively position our client company's brand? Are these the best tactics to use to gain the attention of our client's target market? Will this communications program produce results?"

Taking it to the Streets

Tell — to narrate, make known, inform, express, be significant.

Peter Drucker wrote, "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." Implementation is where the rubber hits the road and where we put your program into action. It will be both comprehensive and integrated; messages are consistent, and all communications activities — from marketing to public relations, including spokespersons, are in sync. We may choose to implement your plan in phases or kick off a number of tactics simultaneously. Return on investment and measurement criteria will be important. The fast changing business environment demands that we measure results often, and be prepared to adjust our tactics quickly and decisively as necessary.

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