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Strategic Communications Planning

Businesses and organizations today face rapidly changing environments and uncertainty on all sides. In the increasingly interconnected global marketplace, business decisions can reverberate in unexpected ways. As never before, companies must think, act and learn strategically in order to adapt and compete.

At Foresight Communications, we believe the principle of strategic thinking should also be applied when developing communications programs. Our planning process begins with gathering information about your organization — clarifying your mission and messaging, identifying issues to be addressed and assessing stakeholder perceptions and needs. Because each organization is unique, with distinct products, services, business goals and communications objectives, we also explore relevant market trends, industry issues, the competitive landscape, workforce challenges and how decisions today will affect the company in the long-term.

We offer consulting services around Strategic Communications Planning, for internal and external communications teams, and Annual Communications Planning Workshops, where our award-winning senior communicators guide your team through our proven process step-by-step. The deliverable is a Living Communications Blueprint that your communications team can use to direct communications activities throughout the year. Your Blueprint will include:

  • A Communications Strategy Brief
  • Communications Objectives
  • A Strategic Action Plan
  • A Recommended Measurement Process, and
  • Target Timeline

Foresight Communications Group has worked with companies of all sizes to solve tough communications challenges for organizations in such sectors as manufacturing, technology, utilities, energy, nonprofit, retail, professional services and government. Call us for more information on this important component of effective communications initiatives.

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