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Media Training and Coaching Workshops

Are your company spokespersons prepared to meet the media with confidence and the right messages about your organization, its products, services and vision for the future? Do they know what to say and do in a crisis or emergency involving your business? What about other front-line employees who typically encounter or get the first call or visit from a reporter — are they prepared to respond appropriately until a designated representative from your company is on the scene?

Let our seasoned and media savvy team coach and prepare your executives and front-line staff for this important encounter. We offer half-day refreshers and full-day workshops that cover the following areas:

  • Key message development — what you want to say about your company
  • What news is and is not
  • Understanding the media
  • Today's changing media landscape
  • Handling media interviews for print, broadcast and online outlets
  • Reporter techniques designed to catch you off-guard
  • Bridging from a negative question to your key messages
  • The role of body language
  • Crisis communications response and practice
  • Emergency preparedness training

Communications professionals with Foresight Communications Group will prepare your executives and front-line employees for media encounters of all kinds: trade shows, face-to-face meetings, live and remote on-camera interviews, press conferences, product demos, media tours, media phone calls and email exchanges and unexpected media encounters.

Our team also has many years of crisis communications and emergency preparedness, and can help your team practice and perfect its response to inevitable crises — environmental spills, accidents, financial crises, unpopular announcements, unexpected media attention, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Remember, the best defense is a good offense!

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